Finally, A Powerful & Cost-Effective Video Solution

Easy to use, affordable and always available

Alula Video and Alula App on the Alula Connect+ Platform give professional security dealers unmatched integration between security, automation, and video in a single powerful interface that provides control of smart home devices, live and recorded video and the security system.

Inside the Dealer Branded Alula App, customers can:

  • View of all cameras live
  • Talk and listen through enabled cameras
  • Receive motion detection notifications
  • Review recorded video clips 
  • Favorite, tag and download video clips

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Doorbell Demo

Our simplified security automation video offering featuring multiple camera types 

The Alula video platform can work with Connect+ systems, Communicators or even as a stand-alone platform.  We have service platforms that will maintain the most recent motion-triggered video clips for all customers, with service packages supporting 1000 clips per camera, or 4000+ clips per system.

Video Doorbell

The Alula Video Doorbell with built-in microphone and speaker. Includes PIR human detection and Wi-Fi chime.

Indoor Cameras

Two indoor Alula Cameras to choose from. The indoor cube and indoor 360.

Outdoor Bullet Camera

Your customers can watch over their home remotely with the Alula Outdoor Bullet Wi-Fi security camera.

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