Alula Releases Ultimate Alarm System Takeover Solution,
BAT-Connect Communicator

Tri-Path communicator, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Cellular

Alula’s new BAT-Connect is the ultimate system takeover device, easily upgrading legacy security platforms to a modern, mobile experience. Much more than a basic communicator, this intuitive device smartly bridges intrusion security, video, and automation with the Alula iOS or Android Apps. Fueled by the encrypted, lightning-fast Alula network, system control is delivered instantly to the smart devices your customers already use and love.

Armed with the BAT-Connect, security dealers can streamline their takeover business, cut install time and simplify operations. The easy-to-install communicator is broadly compatible with common panels, giving security dealers a game changer upgrade for 15-Million security systems online today.

Product Features 

  • Instantly modernize most legacy security systems with mobile control
  • Offer new service upgrades beyond basic intrusion security
  • Video ready: enabled through the alula mobile app
  • Home automation ready, link to any z-wave device
  • Sunset-proof communicator, with ethernet and wifi on board
  • Triple-path connectivity gives install flexibility and auto-switching to always maintain alarm reporting
  • CAT-M1 IOT optimized! 5g ready keeps you ahead of tech changes, 4g LTE links to current cell standard
  • Near universal panel compatibility 
keyswitch arming for remote interactive controls
  • Auto-bus connection saves setup time, instantly joining existing panels


Thanks to Alula's future-proof, dual-path alarm communications platform, your customers enjoy fast, reliable security and home automation with virtually no risk of downtime or interference.