BAT-Connect Communicator: Your game changer for system takeovers

Easily upgrade old security panels to a modern, mobile user experience.

Much more than a basic communicator, this award-winning device smartly bridges intrusion security, video, and automation to the lightning-fast Alula Network. System control is delivered instantly to the smart devices your customers already use.

  • Streamline takeovers
  • Cut install time
  • Drive new RMR

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The easy-to-install communicator is broadly compatible with common panels, giving you a game-changer upgrade for 15-Million security systems online today. Find out what the buzz is all about and get a BAT-Connect demo today.

  • Move past your competitors with cutting-edge communicator technology
  • Modernize old security systems with smartphone control
  • Video-ready! Drive new RMR beyond basic intrusion security
  • Upgrade your customers with automation, an optional Z-wave card can be added any time
  • Add a vivid 7” Slimline Touchpad for in-home control, it navigates just like the Alula smartphone App
  • Triple-path connectivity eliminates cellular sunsets - 4G/5G, ethernet and Wi-Fi on board
  • Near universal panel compatibility, keyswitch arming for remote interactive controls
  • Upgrade to Alula communicators and get paid up to $50 for each activation


Thanks to Alula’s future-proof, dual-path alarm communications platform, your customers enjoy fast, reliable security and home automation with virtually no risk of downtime or interference.